WHO Are Our Fantasy Writers?

The ghostwriters at Fantasy Writers are professional writers and ghostwriters who specialize in fantasy novel writing, fantasy screenwriting, and short story fantasy writing.

Our fantasy writers for hire understand that each genre and type of writing requires a specific skill set, which is why each writer specializes in a particular subset of fantasy writing.

Be wary of hiring a writer who claims to “specialize” in all genres and types of writing. Fantasy writing requires a thorough understanding and experience of the genre. Our fantasy writers for hire focus on fantasy and are well-versed in this unique genre. In addition, we have specialists for each type of writing.

Our fantasy writers serve as ghostwriters, which means we are not credited as the author. You will be credited as the author and your name will appear on the cover of the completed work. In addition, we charge a flat fee and never charge any royalties or a percentage of future sales. Contact us about our fantasy ghostwriting and editing services.

WHAT Services Does Fantasy Writers Offer?

Our fantasy writers offer all the following services:

– Fantasy Novel Writing
– Fantasy Screenwriting
– Video Game Writing
– Fantasy Book Writing
– Fantasy Ebook Formatting
– Short Story Fantasy Writing
– Editing Services
– Rewriting Services
– Marketing Services
– Ebook and Book Marketing

We can work with you at any stage of the writing process. Whether you have just an idea for a story, already have a rough draft, or are anywhere in between, we can help.

For additional writing services and genres not listed, see our specialists at WritersForHire.Com

How Does the Process Work?

The first step is to contact us either by phone +1 (813) 365-9986 or by completing the contact form.

Once we have at least a basic understanding of what type of story you are looking for or what services you are seeking, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which simply states that your work will only be shared with those who are working on the project.

With the NDA signed and sent, we will ask for more information and begin to flesh out your story and clarify any details that may be unclear to ensure we understand your vision.

Next, your story will be assigned to the writer who is best suited and able to write your unique story.

We will then work with you to determine what payment installments will work best for you.

Once we have received the first payment, we will begin working on the project.

You will receive the writing progress throughout and you can and are urged to provide feedback.

If you have any revision or editing requests, we will do so at no additional charge before proceeding with the next installment.

Let’s get the no obligation process started:
Call or text us by phone +1 (813) 365-9986 
or by completing the contact form below.